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About Us

Zing is India’s first ring tone based video ads platform. We’ve built a dynamic platform for every ad impression with in-depth campaign analytics, providing advertisers with higher ROI and immediate monetization. Create ads easily in a single click with our innovative mobile ad platform that brings video ads, tunes and logo flash ads for your brand on MT and MO calls.

Zing manages up to X thousands of ads every day around the world, across over x lakh mobile users each month. Yes we have 3 lacs active user base and creating 2 million total impressions on daily basis. Zing provides a flexible, transparent and time based marketing for marketers and advertisers that is brand-safe, fraud-free, viewable – and effective. With GEO fencing to reach target groups in the proximity and advanced targeting options, Zing is truly the ultimate mobile advertising platform. We help you reach the audience that matters to your business.

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  • Real-time engagement
  • Engage with your audience real-time with this innovative concept.

  • Effective targeting
  • Target your potential customers based on their demographics, location and interest groups.

  • Opt-in service
  • An Opt-in service ensures that the audience you are communicating to is in some way interested in your business

  • Zero wastage:
  • Our effective cost per unique listener is a fraction of that other premium channel like radio / TV. Zing functions on pay per view model.

  • Analytics
  • We provide advertisers with In-depth analytic tools, including the completion percentage and a breakout of organic vs paid video views.

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  • Earn on the go
  • Earn rewards and incentives for what you do every day. Earn anywhere anytime!

  • Instant Rewards
  • Watch/Listen to videos and get instant rewards on your PAYTM.

  • Watch / Listen to earn
  • Listen to your favorite videos and ads, know more about the brands you love and fill your pockets. All you have to do is - Download ZING, REGISTER & GET RICH!

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